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Game Screenshot - Orium Caspium The Eternia Fate by StarlightMemories Game Screenshot - Orium Caspium The Eternia Fate by StarlightMemories
My entry for The G.A.M.E Game Dev./Manga 'n Anime Contest.

(my game description)

This screenshot from a dialogue scene in the 3rd disk of the game, in a Hotel in Arcadia, in the first hour of the 3rd disk.

About this game:

Orium Caspium The Eternia Fate
Genre: JRPG
Rating: T (violence; alchool references)
Made for: this generation of consoles (screenshot 1980x1200)

Join the ancient Infinity warriors in their quest to avoid the fate of Eternia, in a world changed by the people who survived the destruction of Terra, 3000 years ago.


Disk 1 - The Seal
Medion di Angelus is a teen whose the fate of his country is in his hands. A dark encounter with a Lords of the Abyss is the begining of a dangerous journey in order to find the 3 dragon gods of Izumo.

Disk 2 - Julian
Follow Julian Blade, a mercenary who helps both humans and demons. His fate is to die at the hands of the White Giant.

Disk 3 - Yggdrasil
The singer Kat Starchase receives a letter of threat from the Abyss Lord to all the Infinity. Worried about Eternia's fate, she will join the Angels and the Dragon Gods in order to protect the Holy Tree.

-Mission Game unlocked by finishing Disk 2.
-Up to 10 characters.
-5 different continents to explore.
-3 hidden charaters
-4 different outfits each character
-Skits, small missions and many stuff to uncover

Kat Starchase and Orium Caspium (c) :iconstarlightmemories:
Yoko-tan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Do you mind if i give a critique? :iconcutiesmileplz:
StarlightMemories Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It's ok!
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March 19, 2013
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